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Keswick() is an inner south-western suburb of Adelaide, adjacent to the park lands, and located in the City of West Torrens. The suburb is home to the Keswick Barracks, the headquarters of the Royal District Nursing Service, the Keswick Cricket Club and Richmond Primary School. The Adelaide Parklands Terminal for interstate passenger trains, formerly known as Keswick Terminal, was within the boundary of the suburb until 1987 when, inclusive of adjacent business sites and covering a total area of 56.6 hectares (140 acres), it was declared a suburb in its own right. == History == The area was inhabited by the Kaurna people before settlement by Europeans. Keswick railway station was opened on 6 April 1913.

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Pro Window Cleaning Adelaide is your trusted expert in a variety of window cleaning services. With our dedicated team leading the way, we specialize in residential window cleaning, commercial window cleaning, and solar panel cleaning. Our unwavering commitment to excellence, combined with extensive experience, ensures that we leave your windows sparkling and your solar panels operating at peak efficiency. Whether it's for your home or business, Pro Window Cleaning Adelaide is here to deliver top-tier window and solar panel cleaning solutions. You can rely on us to give your property a clean and clear look. Contact Pro Window Cleaning Adelaide and let us brighten your space.


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66 Richmond Road
Keswick South Australia 5035

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