Small Business Growth in San Antonio

Everybody enjoys reading about a firm (particularly a well-known brand) that is bringing thousands of employment to our region, and we recognize that headlines capture people’s attention. However, once the television cameras have been turned off and the gigantic scissors have been returned to their proper places of storage, the real labor starts.

Since 2017, the San Antonio Economic Development Foundation has assisted 84 firms in expanding their operations in the city, resulting in the creation of more than 18,100 new employment in the region. We’ve been concentrating our efforts on a number of key areas, including cybersecurity, technology, manufacturing, and bioscience, in order to create a pipeline of quality opportunities for San Antonians. The city’s SA: Ready to Work project, which will support workforce development, will assist 40,000 San Antonians in reskilling and upskilling in order to take on these positions that will provide career routes, was approved by an overwhelming majority of San Antonians during the epidemic. I’ll mention just a few of the firms that we’ve worked hard to recruit to San Antonio and that are currently employing in our community in the next paragraphs.

It was reported in 2018 that Victory Capital will buy the Asset Management Company of the United Services Automobile Association. Announcing its decision to relocate its corporate headquarters to San Antonio after several months of wooing Victory Capital leadership, the business said it would retain many former USAA workers as well as create many new jobs in our region. Since relocating its headquarters to San Antonio in 2019, Victory Capital has continued to expand its workforce in the area, with positions available in finance, marketing, and technology, among other disciplines.

Navistar’s intentions for San Antonio have evolved since the company announced plans for a truck manufacturing site on the city’s south side in 2019. It recently bought a second facility that will be converted into an Engineering Valuation Center, bringing the company’s total investment in the project to more than $275 million and creating 650 new positions. Job possibilities are now available for the company’s production plant, which is currently under development, with many more chances on the horizon.

Booz Allen Hamilton is headquartered in San Antonio, where the company employs the majority of its Texas staff and has announced plans for a downtown expansion in 2019. The startup is now seeking team members who are interested in pushing the limits of immersive artificial intelligence, data science, and cyber.

OKIN Process announced in 2018 that San Antonio would be the site of its Americas headquarters, resulting in the creation of more than 1,000 employment over the next decade. Since then, the firm has been expanding its operations on the city’s south side, at Brooks, and they are now looking for 100 roles in total.
Not to mention firms we’ve worked with in the past, such as EY, Aisin AW, and PenFed, which are just a few examples of the numerous companies that are recruiting in San Antonio right now. Even when Covid is gone, the future seems promising, with the San Antonio region expected to gain an additional 75,000 jobs over the following five years. More jobs available created by San Antonio’s business growth. This is only projected to get better in 2022.

As a community-based organization, SAEDF is committed to ensuring that San Antonians have every chance to secure a quality job that will provide them with financial stability and economic mobility. The initiatives on which SAEDF is now working will result in employment multipliers in the future. We can help you connect with resources in our San Antonio community, whether you’re an employer needing to fill a position right now or a job seeker trying to advance your career.

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