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Dayton ( ) is a city in and the county seat of Montgomery County, Ohio, United States. A small part of the city extends into Greene County. As of the 2020 census, the city proper had a population of 137,644, making it the sixth-most populous city in Ohio. It anchors the state's fourth-largest metropolitan area, the Dayton metropolitan area, which had 814,049 residents. Dayton is located within Ohio's Miami Valley region, 50 miles (80 km) north of Cincinnati and 60 miles (97 km) west of Columbus.

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Luminare Waste Management


Shining Light on Cleaner Futures.


Based in the heart of Dayton, Luminare Waste Management proudly stands as a beacon of excellence in the world of waste management and dumpster rental services. Recognizing that our community has diverse needs, we have tailored our services to meet both the residential and commercial sectors. Luminare is the perfect partner for any project, whether you are planning a commercial project or a large home renovation.

Our dumpster rental range is extensive, so we can provide you with the best waste solution for your project. Our inventory is designed to meet your needs and exceed them. We offer same-day services for urgent needs, as well as specialized containers to hold specific materials. But we're not just about providing dumpsters; our commitment runs deeper. We promote eco-responsible practices for waste disposal, so that Dayton's beautiful city remains pristine for future generation.

Our team, comprising local experts, understands Dayton's waste management regulations and guidelines inside out, ensuring a hassle-free experience for our clients. Our punctuality commitment ensures that your project will be completed on time.

When you think of Dayton, remember: top-notch dumpster rental in Dayton, eco-friendly waste removal, flexible container sizes, and unmatched customer service.

Luminare Waste Management's mission is to illuminate the way towards an efficient, responsible and seamless waste management system in Dayton. Join us and let's work together to create a cleaner and greener future.


(937) 351-8789

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23 S Main St
Dayton Ohio 45402

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