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Bellevue ( BEL-vew) is a city in the Eastside region of King County, Washington, United States, located across Lake Washington from Seattle. It is the third-largest city in the Seattle metropolitan area, and the fifth-largest city in Washington. It has variously been characterized as a satellite city, a suburb, a boomburb, or an edge city. The population was 151,854 at the 2020 census. The city's name is derived from the French term belle vue ("beautiful view").

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Bellevue Epoxy Floors


Bellevue Epoxy Floors | Bellevue, WA


Bellevue Epoxy Floors, the top choice for epoxy maintenance and installation in King County, Washington is our number one choice. We are experts in epoxy floor installation for homes, businesses, as well as commercial properties. To ensure a beautiful, durable floor, our epoxy floors are made from top-quality materials and installed by skilled professionals. Our coatings are pet-friendly, so your furry friends will also love them. Contact us today to get a free consultation if you are looking for an epoxy floor that will last years.





16826 NE 6th St
Bellevue Washington 98008
United State

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